MagFilter Bump Test

This was a small response video to a YouTube comment suggesting I may have purposely dodged bumping the camera around because the MagFilter could easily fall off. I know that several magnets were used during prototyping and only quality magnets were chosen for the final product.

Also to clear other questions up, the metal ring on the camera 'is not magnetic'. It's just a thin metal ring that adheres to the front of the camera. The magnets are 'inside' of the Polarizer filter. Another thing to note is that magnets are completely safe to use around LCD screens and your SDHC or Compact Flash media cards.

Also, the two available sizes from the MagFilter System cover a wide range of cameras. If you're unsure about which filter will fit your camera, you can Download and Print a Template to test on your camera (here).
Download MagFilter System Template

4 thoughts on “MagFilter Bump Test

  1. Sales

    Hi there,

    Any ideas if carry speed will get the threaded magfilters?

    They've been listed as no stock for a while.

    I'm looking for the 58mm one.

    Just wondering if I do put an nd filter on, will the magnets be strong enought to hold it?

    Using an rx100

  2. J Hanna

    I'm still not convinced. Can you light the camera on fire?
    Just to be sure....

    Kidding aside. So excited for this product. I love my s100 and can't wait to kick it up a notch!

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