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Using two CAME-TV Elastix ISO Arms on a modified Trailer Hitch for follow shots. The DJI Ronin-M was used with the RC remote for Pan and Tilt controls while the wireless video feed was sent through a Camera Motion Research Connex Mini HD Video Transmitter. The feed was sent to the new Aputure VS-5 Monitor for viewing. Communicating directions to the driver was handled using the UltraLite Wireless Hands-Free Full Duplex Headsets.


Here's a video interview at the Aputure booth during the NAB 2014 show introducing the NEW 60GHZ Aputure Array Trans Wireless Video System. The product release was delayed and only recently has it become available.

Fast forward almost 10 months from the interview, the Array Trans kit is now available (found here) but we've learned a few things about what this kit is able to do and what it can't do. Transmitting over 60GHZ with 16 antennas in both the TX and RX, the unit is fast and clean, BUT it requires a direct line of sight without any obstacles (does not transmit 360 degrees Omnidirectional). The range is also limited to under 80 meters.

So it appears that the Array Trans is going to be targeted for specialized setups in which the camera remains static. Such examples they share is a camera mounted behind a basketball hoop sending a feed back to a live switcher, or in a concert setting where the multi-camera setups remain static. Of course if you have to pan and tilt your camera, just make sure you have the TX mounted off the camera (i.e. on a stand) so that you don't change it's direction. So long as the TX and RX have a direct line of sight without any obstruction, the uncompressed 10 bit 4:2:2 feed should be extremely fast and good enough to record or broadcast from.

The Array Trans does transmit both video and audio if you have to record sound. And while there are some limitations, the price is more affordable than similar systems that can transmit at this quality and range. Available now on both eBay and Amazon (links below).

aputure array trans kit
find-price-button Aputure Array Trans 60GHZ Wireless Video Audio over HDMI - Amazon

aputure array trans wireless video hdmi hd
find-price-button Aputure Array Trans 60GHZ Wireless Video Audio over HDMI - via eBay


Remember a short while back I mentioned I was working on a personal project to perform some independent LED Video Light Tests? Well here's a small update on where this project is at.

The image below (computer screen shot) are various different LED video lights I have laying around shot with exactly the same settings. This is a visual reference to compare the brightness, spread (diffusion), and also color reference of each LED video light. I've locked the camera down to a white balance of 5600K for these images. Some of the tests were performed between Daylight and Tungsten, but the side by side comparison really shows extreme color casts between the various LED lights.

Cheesycam LED Video Light Tests
Click for Larger View

I also decided to get more serious about using a true LED Spectrometer for these tests that will provide me with more accurate readings and charts. I'll be able to share these images as well as exact numbers from the meter for each light including CRI and LUX readings. The image below are a few settings from the various LED Video lights. This project will be quite interesting indeed..

Cheesycam LED Video Light Meter Tests Spectrometer
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[Note:] I am performing my own tests with a standardized setup across each LED light as a reference. This is an independent test which may greatly differ from what each Manfacturer displays as their proper listed technical specifications.


For most Canon DSLRs on the market, you can use an infrared remote to start and stop video. There's been plenty of DIY remotes that attach to the handle of a shoulder rig, but if you're too lazy to tackle the project, Aputure now offers an inexpensive V-Remote. Switronix also offers a remote like this, but their price runs over $119 dollars (seen here).

To use the new Aputure V-Remote simply attach to the handle of your rig and flex the cable towards the infrared receiver (on front of camera). Pretty simple. You can find the new Aputure V-Remotes on eBay for a bit over $20 bucks (Click Here).

V-Remote-AputureAputure V-Remote
find-price-button Aputure V-Remote Infrared Canon Start Stop Video Remote


Here's a quick run through of what to expect from the Aputure Timer Remote when getting the Intervalometer ( Timelapse ) feature started. This timelapse remote is for the Canon 550D / T2i and will not work with the Canon 7D or 5D Mark II. The connection to the camera is similar to a mini stereo headphone jack. The other cameras use a different round connection type with several pins. This Timelapse is remote pretty straight forward once you do a quick run through on the user manual. There are much more features for this remote that I haven't dived into yet, but that will be posted up soon. There is no option to start and stop video (I get alot of those questions). It's a great little remote for the price of $22.00 dollars.

canon 550d timelapse timer remote

For Canon 7D & 5D Mark II owners, here's the proper remote (works on both).