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Kevin a.k.a YouTube member BustedToyProductions shares a quick overview of the Linco Flora Fluorescent light head. Flo's are an extremely efficient way of generating a whole lot of light, but not as easy to control if you're trying to spot a narrow area. Fluorescent lights are best used in situations when you need to spill lots of evenly diffused light over a large area i.e. Green Screen, Product Photography, or Beauty Type shots. Dimming for the Linco Flora is controlled by switches that turn off a number of lights at a time. The quick open softbox (almost Brolly type) is pretty cool, and should make break down quick and portable, but just make sure to keep the bulbs safe - these won't take a beating like LED lights. Great stuff though, and unlike Halogen or Tungsten lighting, these will generate less heat for close up use and small areas. [Thanks Kevin]

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